How to make the Martingale chain for dog with bandana red print correctly?

On our online site we sell this type of dog chain and with that specific pattern.聽We loved it so much that we thought:聽for those users who do not have too much budget or those who love crafts or sewing, we must give them the premises to make their own martingale-type dog leash with one of your favorite patterns

And boy we have! On this page you will know all the materials you need and how you have to proceed exactly, so that you can make your own model in a matter of nothing, 1 hour no more

In this way, when you create your martingale chain for dogs with red bandana prints you can do two things:聽be mischievous or mischievous and sell it in black or at the flea market in your city where you live at a great price to earn some money

Or so that that cute dog that you have at home looks like it has never done before , with a remarkable and peculiar style that very few canines in the area will have, if not any. Now comes the moment, your moment: let this tutorial begin, let’s run!

Materials you need to make the bandana red print Martingale pet dog leash

  • A 40cm strip and a 50cm strip, both long of a chain with a rough and resistant acrylic material, like those found in the Martingale straps
  • Red bandana fabric one meter by one meter, or half a meter
  • Sewing machine or needle if you don’t have a machine
  • 3 double hole metal handles
  • Thin, adhesive glue
  • Pair of scissors

You’re not even going to use a metal handle to get a firm grip on the strap. Many of them are sold on the market but can be presented at great prices. If you are lucky and it is not the first time you buy a leash for your pet, use that metal handle of that particular chain that you have in disuse

Now, what you are going to do is sew the bandana net fabric to the strips . We are going to use a video to make the process more enjoyable. PS: The video is in Spanish . We are citizens living in Europe, we speak Spanish and that is why we use this language

In the “subtitles” section or by pressing the “c” key on the computer, you can put them in English so that you understand it perfectly . You will not need it, for that you have us, with each of the points explained in detail 馃槈

To line the longest red bandana strip, you will leave two fingers of fabric margin in front and behind, and one finger of margin at the top . Place the video exactly at minute 2:13 so you know where you have to cut and then proceed to stitching. Until minute 2:24 you can see exactly where it proceeds to cut with the scissors

You can also do it by hand. To do this, grab the strips and place it on the red bandana. In simulation form, you put the fabric together and thus you will know which fabric is the excess and where you have to proceed to cut . We recommend this last option and not follow the video so much in detail so that what we call “imagination” comes into play.

At聽minute 2:28聽, it is聽recommended not to fully sew on all sides of the strip to avoid wear on the strip聽.聽Even so, you will proceed to put it all together, without fear of worry.聽The red bandana fabric always put it facing inwards聽, so that later the stitching you have made or adhesive to stick it is not seen.聽This is so that the homemade Martingale chain for dogs with bandana red print looks with a stylized finish both inside and out

Specifically at minute 3:23, this bending that we just explained to you is shown . This is not essential for you to do, especially if you are going to cover the entire bandana net fabric. If you want double finish, one in uniform black and the other with the red bandana, you can proceed to do exactly what the girl does

At minute 3:34, you can see how the seam on the upper and lower sides is already done . It is hardly noticeable and is one way you can proceed. We are aware that not everyone who is here has the skills to sew, that if you want a finish similar to the one in the video, you may have to resort to the services of a sewing professional or a person who has some experience

Or maybe you have a family member, like grandmothers, who never usually fail. If none of these cases occurs, you can proceed to stick it with strong glue. Make sure that it is not a very thick glue and that when gluing it you do it very slowly and very little by little, this in order not to leave lumpy areas or small mountains, the result of sticking it crazy

To do this,聽spread the bandana net fabric along its width, that is, hold it with your hands, as if you wanted to split it in half聽.聽Thus, the fabric will be taut, as straight as possible, without any wrinkles and avoid that areas appear higher than others once embedded in the strips

At 4:12 , you can see how the sides of the smaller dog band have been sewn, just like you have to do with the larger dog band. The largest ribbon, the one measuring 50cm, is lined inside and out. This yes or yes has to be lined on both sides . As we say, you can mix double finishes on the larger strip and a single finish on the smaller strip. That as you want

To do this,聽position the tape so that the lower part of the fabric is slightly wider than the upper part (minute 4:38)聽.聽To make the doubles and have it ready to sew, do not touch this narrowest part of the fabric that is behind the strip.聽You have to manipulate the part of the fabric that overflows in front of the strip, and make a small double inward

This last part, is combined with the fabric that is perched on the floor of the countertop or where you proceed to sew. In the event that you are going to stick it with glue, you can do simulations as we have told you before to see how it can be better聽, always avoiding that there are no lumps.聽Always keep in mind that it has to be as stylish as possible

You can use, as indicated from minute 5:23, some tweezers or pins to tie that part that, later, you are going to sew . This is important because this way, you will have a part free of clamps, pins or whatever you use to tie that part that you doubled and joined to the other end of the fabric, achieving the desired stitching.

When you sew one of the sides, since you already have a part of the strip attached with thread, you proceed to join the other part聽, without the need for a second person to have to help you, although if someone can help you throughout this process, much better Do not let聽what is commented at聽minute 6:17聽go unnoticed聽, where the girl explains that the doubles part must always be behind, since it is the area that will be bordering your pet’s neck

The time has come to have something like聽this on hand聽.聽It can be seen in the video from minute 6:10聽.聽The best thing is that you get this piece in cash.聽If not, you can make one by hand.聽However, if you want to get a consistent and secure grip, it is best to have this accessory.聽You can ask a family member or friend if they have a room similar to that at home

As the strip you are using is from an old dog leash, then it will fit perfectly in this handle . You can also get them online. This piece is nothing more than that strap handle that we see in something that we have all carried at some time, such as the backpack. Here the same, but to tie more or less tight the homemade Martingale chain for dogs with red bandana prints

Once you have it, insert a part of the fabric from below and another from above (minute 6:38). Next, make a small double and join it to the strip . What we want here is that a part of the leash is totally tied so that your pet does not get away with it and starts running like crazy through the streets of the city. At minute 7:15 you can see where exactly the sewing will proceed

Insert another handle at the other end where the stitching was not done.聽Now, take the rest of the strip to the lower hole of the handle (minute 7:33), and then put it through the upper hole of the buckle (minute 8:05)聽.聽All you need to do is insert the last聽buckle聽.聽PS:聽If you’ve come this far and you don’t know which metal handle to use, click on the link

Finally, as indicated at minute 9:02, you will proceed to cut if you see that you have a lot of fabric left in the part that is free of any type of buckle . This step is not essential for you to do. What is essential is that you insert the third metal handle at the bottom of it (minute 9:24). Later, you fold it and sew it

This is sewn both front and back, to achieve greater fastening security. If you see that one is going very well, you do not need to make another seam at the bottom or top, where you did not sew first . At 9:47 , you can see how it looks with the front and back stitched. All you have to do now is grab the smallest strap and pass it through the strap-free area of 鈥嬧媡he buckles.

The video聽starts at 10:13聽.聽This way you will know where you have to pass this smaller chain.聽Now, take this last part of the strip that you have inserted through the buckle, forward and join it at the other end, where you first passed the small strip through the other buckle聽(minute 10:20)聽.聽You have to have something like what you see at聽minute 10:25

What is the only thing you have left? Insert the handle in a semicircular shape between these two parts of the strip that come together, and join it by sewing it again, both at the top and at the bottom . You can use tweezers again so as not to lose sight of the exact place where you are going to proceed with sewing.

This last handle, which will be caught on both sides due to the double stitching that was made (place the video from minute 10:51 so that you know what we mean), will be responsible for grabbing the strap that you are going to use to walk the dog, to the chain you just made

Well, do … We don’t know that, you’ll have to prove it to us!聽Give us some photos to see how the process of manufacturing your Martingale-style dog chain with red bandana finishes is going or so that, indeed, we can verify that you have done it and it has been luxurious, like our dear聽鈥滿y Lola Crafts 鈥聽, The channel from which the video that we use to clarify the explanation comes from

Our email is: . We will be al 馃馃, you know. Another thing, if you want us to include a tutorial in English on how to make this type of necklace, tell us and we will completely change the article. To leave everyone with their eyes like this 馃ぉ when they see your pet!